Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Day With Anson

This past Sunday Anson had a game over in I. Falls. Our Christmas program was that evening so Jerem decided to stay home with the girls so Ava could nap. Anson and I had a wonderful time together, talking and enjoying the wintry scenery.

He took over my phone for awhile and started snapping pictures.

The road was less than ideal and the way home was worse since it was dark and I had 3 deer run out in front of me.

We had some great (deep) conversations. Every time I had a suggestion on how to deal with a situation Anson would say "thanks mom for telling me that. Sometimes I forget those things". Precious moments.


I feel like I look a wee bit crazy in this picture. Cracks me up.

Okay, so this really isn't an awesome picture of Anson, he's right behind that pole. The team worked so good together, was such a fun game to watch! The score was 9-0 but they really worked for every single goal they got.
I know some parents complain about hockey and all the time and travel involved,but if its a way to spend an afternoon with my son and bond....I'll take it!!!
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~ Tandis ~ said...

First of all, you are brave! I hate yucky roads in the winter. Add the deer aspect and... sorry kiddo, it's either up to Dad or you're missing the game. So, hurray for you! :)

Second, what a great memory for Anson and you to share. Slippery roads and all - he will remember your sacrifice and hopefully the conversations. :)

Thirdly, hurray for a win! Nice job, Anson!!!

steve said...

Brings back memories Micah! I remember traveling roads like that with our three sons on different occasions and the nice one on one times and talks we had together. Miss those days. Make the most of those days, they'll be gone before you know it!