Friday, January 4, 2013

Boring Post

I’ll just warn you now this is a boring one. It’s more for my family that likes to be kept on up changes in our house. Over Christmas I decided to rearrange the living room furniture, pictures, etc.

I had been in a bad rut for a while. A rut of not getting up to spend time in the Word before everyone else got up. Jerem had been struggling too. We both realized it was, in part, due to the fact that neither of us had a designated “spot” for morning quiet time. We didn’t have any lamps in the living room, and no one wants to get up at 5 and turn the main lights on.


Jerem’s spot with the “new” canvas wall behind him.


My spot with my new team-spirit-hockey-mom fleece blanket for cold arena games. I went with the cheapest lamps/shades I could find at Wal-Mart ($12 each total) and they are the perfect size for the room. The only problem is, my chair is rather “squeaky”, which kind of annoys Jerem. I wonder if it annoys him enough for me to bring his recliner up from the basement and use that?

Below is the “new” entryway look. I used to have baskets on the shelf for hats/gloves. The whole area was always looking cluttered and it didn’t make for a very welcoming feel. DSCN0697

Both this canvas and the large one in the living room were “fabric” posters I bought for $15 and wrapped around a wood frame I made. Definitely a lot cheaper than a 16x20 canvas would cost.

Below is the view from the top of the stairs. I REALLY want a new light fixture hanging there, but we are finding our wish list is longer than our budget. So, one thing at a time!


The next picture is the biggest wall in the living room. I’m still working on it. I’m not loving the way it looks and am open to suggestions and help. And yes, I realized not everything is hanging straight. I tried, really.


I’m kind of in love with the tin signs. I’ve been slowly collecting them and at $10-$20 a pop its worth it for the extra “art”.

Feel free to leave a comment on something you’d do different if it were your house!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Love the entryway!!

Two ideas for the LR that I have seen would be for the thermostats.

First idea: cute frame around them.

Second idea: A hinged canvas attached to the wall. When you need to turn up heat, open the picture. I thought that was pretty tricky.

Your home is looking so cozy! I wish so badly I could make it up for a visit. Hopefully someday as the girls get older and I feel it would be safe for us to drive alone that far.

Mrs Al said...

How about a floor to ceiling arrangement of your pieces - like a narrow column breaking up the massive wall space? My eye really wants to bring those three black frames together, possibly with the wrought iron pieces included in the grouping. You are brave in asking for suggestions !! The Lord has certainly blessed you with such a comfortable home.

Micah said...

@tandis..I love the hinged idea. Wondering if it would affect the way temperature is regulated? hmmmm...something to think about for sure. And yes, we will continue to dream about a visit!
@mrs al...I think that idea, I'll have to play around with it. I eyes just don't feel "settled" looking at the wall like they do in other areas of the house. And you're right...we feel so very blessed.

Micah said...

*like not think @mrs al

Jill said...

lookin good! Try spraying some WD40 undernealth your good for squeaky hinges on our doors here.

I've been staring at your wall for awhile ( I like metal signs too- Hob Lobby has ALOT of scripture ones)

My eyes are drawn to grouping the 3 little 4x6 collage frames together..maybe taking down the metal candle holders and then chain metal art... just frames and metal signs then???
Checked the thrift stores in Bdtte?? You have some nice ones there...

Love the canvas frames you made! I'm working on a wall here..up our stairs.. it's not happening to quickly...

christa said...

I don't have any suggestions - I'm not that great at that stuff from a distance. I have to be there and play around with it for awhile. But I just stopped to say that I love your canvases!!! They look awesome!!!