Friday, January 25, 2013


Yes, Insanity as in the WORKOUT, not the term. (Order here). Although that applies too. Obviously. So, as you all probably know this is my all time FAVORITE workout! I definitely don’t do it constantly, but when I want a good workout to whip me into shape it is where I turn.

I prefer to do it alone. Or with Jerem. That usually means 5 am, which I’m not always real motivated to do. So lately its been during the day with the kids doing it with me. Today I didn’t get around to it until Jerem and Anson left for hockey at 5. Ava decided to join me.

I really don’t want to gross you out with pictures of ME doing it, so I thought I’d let her be my model.

insanityava 003

Way cuter right? Oh the anticipation!

insanityava 022insanityava 023

The warm-up is a ten minute series of Jogging, Jumping Jacks, Butt Kicks, High Knees, Heisman, and Mummy Kicks. Ava is starting us off with Jumping Jacks.

insanityava 060

A little left and right Heisman action.

insanityava 016

She kept taking apple breaks.

After the warm-up comes a 5 minute deep stretch. Feels SO amazing!! I always had sore knees and joints with Jillian Michaels workouts. Insanity has WAY more jumping and I’ve NEVER had an issue. I give full credit to the wonderful stretches we do once our muscles are warmed up and at the end of the main workout.

insanityava 034

(Man, my basement is a wreck. Sorry.)

insanityava 036insanityava 043

Okay, so..maybe she has her own interpretation of some of the stretches.

insanityava 050

Oh, the flexibility!

insanityava 052

Why are stomachs so much cuter on little kids?

Stretch over. Here we go! 2 min intervals with 30 sec rests after each one. Goal is to PUSH as hard as possible for the 2 minutes.

insanityava 057

Power Squats!

insanityava 059insanityava 065

Another apple break.

She LOVES these. Suicides. Run back and forth and touch the floor on either side.

insanityava 067insanityava 069

Okay, so…she kinda disappeared for awhile and came back for the last interval. The next 3 pictures are In and Out Abs

insanityava 081insanityava 083insanityava 087

Push-ups! (Look at those pipes!)

insanityava 090

Oh..and just in case you were wondering if I was even able to workout with all the picture taking here’s proof. Yes I DID workout!!!

insanityava 092

Looking for a good protein shake? Here you go. I love Love LOVE this one!! I’ve tried the whey ones in the store and think they’re nasty. This is definitely more expensive, but if you pay for a membership you get 20% off all orders. I haven’t tried a product of theirs I haven’t liked. I drink this right after my workouts which also ends up turning into a meal replacement. (Check it out here.) They also have chocolate which I haven’t tried. The vanilla tastes great though. Sometimes I throw a frozen banana in and make it thicker/frozen. Usually I just put it in a pint jar, put a lid on a shake until mixed.

insanityava 093

I made a visit to the chiropractor today due to my neck being out of whack and getting bad headaches. I used to go in all the time for that and my hip, since started Insanity a couple years ago I go MAYBE twice a year. Anywho, he said to enjoy doing Insanity while I have the motivation ‘cause I’m “getting up there”…I’m assuming he was referring to the fact I’m turning 30 next month. Watch it buster! I told him if I had the motivation to workout with 6 kids between 1-3 running around I was pretty sure turning 30 wouldn’t stop me either! Ha!

Okay so that’s my Insanity plug. Find one to borrow, buy it, whatever. Just give it a try if you’re looking for an awesome workout routine!

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mommamindy said...

Ava is adorable! I love her little workout outfit. Yep, to be flexible again would be amazing. Pretty sure I would hurt myself if I tried touching my toes...