Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mid-Winter Blues

I know Paige is definitely feeling like this is true in our house. She’s been pretty down lately, saying everything is “about Anson and hockey”. We were worried this would happen, that’s why we started her on piano lessons. So she had something that was her special thing.


Between practice, games, and open skate in Williams..Anson’s at the arena EVERY NIGHT. Paige has the option to go skate too. Sometimes she does, sometimes not. Lately I’ve been feeling a little bad for her though. I don’t want her to think its “all about Anson”. Jerem has been really good at upping the frequency of “daddy dates” and nail painting sessions in her room to make her feel special. I’ve been letting her do more independent things in the kitchen with baking and cooking which she enjoys. I am probably thinking too much about it, I just don’t want her to grow up feeling like she’s in his shadow.

She’s had the option in the past to do volleyball and basketball, but she isn’t competitive. At all. So she does it for a week and wants to quit. Her new thing is wanting to do figure skating. We’re a little late in the game to start that this year, we’ll see about next.

Suggestions? Tips?


Margie said...

By recognizing this you are ahead of the game (ha) already. Seriously. Being aware will help more than you know.

~ Tandis ~ said...

Aww :( My heart tugs for her.
What about encouraging Anson to encourage her with her piano or skating? Maybe hearing from him would help?

Jill said...

Agree with Margie. She'll be ok, maybe just try not to make a big deal or draw more attention to it.. that make sense. Probably just a phase.

Tell her about ALL her aunties like me who had 2-3 brothers and a dad coaching! ;-)

She'll love it in a few yrs and be his biggest cheerleader! I LOVED watching all 3 of my brothers play hockey and football all thru the years...

Also- maybe you could bring along a special backpack only for hockey and surprise her with the things in it for her to do and stay busy with... ?

christa said...

I'm with Jill. I had three brothers playing and dad coaching - I grew up at the arena and weekends were spent traveling to games. Our vacations were to hockey tournaments. But I loved it!

I would just not draw too much attention to it - she will eventually love cheering for her brother and be glad he's gone to practices in the evenings! She'll become friends with the other hockey sisters and be bummed if there's a game or tournament she can't go to.

Micah said...

Thanks all. I think you're all right...I can tell half of her negativity is to get I just tell her to deal with it :) I really appreciate everyone taking the time to leave their comment..esp you "sisters" who have lived through it!