Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers’ Day Classic

I am going to forever look back at this picture and DIE laughing at myself. Mothers’ Day-2013. I try and get a picture of the kids every year at this time. 80% of the years I’ve been a mother the flowering trees have been…well…flowering. So taking one every year is a good gauge of the Winter/Spring we’ve had.

We had a potluck at church today so I had gotten food ready for that. Gotten myself ready, my children ready, and still had 20 minutes to spare. I was feeling PREEEETTTTY GOOD about myself and where we were at in the morning so I decided to snap a couple pics of the kids.

I took 3 and LOOOOVED this one on the playback.

mothers day 2013 004

Fast forward about, oh….8 hrs. It was evening, we were sitting on the deck watching the kids throw a ball back and forth and I noticed Anson’s shirt was buttoned funny.

Me: “Anson, when you changed your pants after church did you re-button your shirt?”

Anson: “No, I haven’t done anything to it since I put it on this morning”

At this point Jerem and I looked at each other and BUSTED out laughing. Look at the picture again. Do you see it? HOW DID WE MISS IT ALL DAY????? Talk about mother of the year award. Sheesh.

I guess that’ll teach me to check how well my kids button their clothes from now on.


~ Tandis ~ said...

ok, truthfully, I did NOT notice until you said to look at it!! Yes, Me, the one who noticed your kickstand was down in your photo the other day. I think the plaid in his shirt helped to hide the mistake which might also have been why you missed it all day too.
It's a great picture... yes, I see the funny now, but enjoy the laugh! :) You're an awesome Mom. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Lindsey,Alyssa and Carly said...

SUCH a sweet pic! Everyone is getting so big! Paige esp. looks alot more grown up- her hair is so pretty.
Glad you enjoyed your day...we soaked up the sun and played ball in the yard last night too (and tilled the garden w/ tractor ;-)

christa said...

i didn't notice either until you pointed it out, but now it sticks out like a sore thumb - it makes it look like his shoulder is sticking out weird or something. hilarious!

and i can't believe how grown up paige is looking - she is beautiful!

happy mother's day!

The Olson's said...

Great picture, even with the funny buttoned shirt! :)