Friday, May 31, 2013

Feminists? I’m Thinking Not.

The following story was not intentionally encouraged by Jerem or I. Don’t judge. I’ve been telling Jerem for a month now that I was going to record on here, so I better get to it!

You see this girl? Yes, the one in the orange shirt doing a cartwheel.


Ever since she’s been able to talk she’s kept us in stitches. She has always had such a fun personality. This picture is so typical of her. She may not get the BEST grades, but I challenge you to find one person in second grade that doesn’t like her.

A few weeks ago the second grade class went on a field trip to the Depot to see a traveling exhibit on the life of people in the “old days”. Thank you to Courtney Hanson for telling me the story (and for the above picture).

They were looking at an exhibit that was telling about how the women had to go work on the railroad during the war. I imagine the picture looked something like this.


Paige: I thought that was illegal or something.

Courtney: You thought what was illegal?

Paige: Women, doing a man’s job.

Two days later THIS little monkey had the following conversation with Jerem.

 spring has sprung 091

Ava: Daddy, why are you going to work?

Jerem: To make money.

Ava: Oh, are you going to make ME money?

Jerem: Yep, that’s what I’m going to do.

Fast forward 12 hrs. later when Jerem got home.

Ava: Daddy, Daddy, you’re home!!! Where’s my money?

Jerem: Oh yeah, um, here. (gives her a nickel).

Fast forward to NEXT morning.

Ava: Are you going to work to make me money again?

Jerem: Yes, I am going to work to make you money again.

Ava: Can it be a dollar this time?

Yeah, so…..apparently in our daughters eyes it’s illegal for women to work and daddy’s go to work to give US all the money. Gotta love their little brains!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Kids are soooo funny!

Lindsey,Alyssa and Carly said...

Cute- I love documenting kids quotes. If we don't write it down our fried mom brains will forget all their cuteness!
I handed Jared employee checks this am and Nolan up early with us out of the blue goes... Where's my paycheck!?

He also informed parents at a ball game that he squished a catapillar and green pickles came out!!