Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Project

To keep this from being SUPER LONG I’ll try and stick to pictures, that’s the fun part anyway!

Before the start of the staining week.

painting house 1 001

Here we go!

painting house 1 018

So thankful for my dad who came up to help for the week. Couldn’t have done it without him!

painting house 1 020

No, that is NOT snow..I promise! We had a crazy amount of cotton flying around from our cottonwood trees.

Oh yeah, and you see that little portion in front of where my dad is standing? That was my contribution, I was a slow painter.

painting house 1 040

More crazy cotton pictures. (Maybe THIS is why I was slow at painting..I got distracted easily).

painting house 1 035painting house 1 042painting house 1 045

Our favorite tree finally went into full bloom last week too, can’t get enough of it!

painting house 1 047painting house 1 048painting house 1 050painting house 1 094

Back to work!

painting house 1 104painting house 1 203painting house 1 206painting house 1 204

Supper time on the deck!

painting house 1 103painting house 1 105painting house 1 106

painting2 049

painting2 056

“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m SEVEN-NOT SEVENTEEN!!”

painting2 057

On Thursday my dad’s sister and husband drove up from their cabin in Walker to join the festivities. Or rather to BRING the festivities. Jerem and I headed out back and pretty soon we had entertainment. painting2 012

painting2 010

I almost started doing a little polka…

painting2 008

But then I remembered my coordination issues and figured with my location it might not be super wise.

(Who am I kidding, me break out into spontaneous dance?? YEAH RIGHT!)

painting2 007

Proof that Uncle Jerry is good for more than just entertainment.

painting2 033

(Yes, that’s our monkey, a.k.a Ava Lou. She was doing pull-up on the scaffolding all week!)

painting2 029

Sigh…I love it.

painting2 069


Side by side, before and after.

painting house 1 001painting2 069


Lindsey,Alyssa and Carly said...

Love it! Nice color- bet it feels good to be done with that big project!

jess said...

Looks great and I love your door too!

Anonymous said...

Looks really great Micah! -Amy

~ Tandis ~ said...

WOW!!! Very nice.

christa said...

I was hoping you'd post before and after pics! It looks so good!!!!!

Katie said...

That looks amazing! What a huge project, but it was well worth the hard work, it looks so so good! And I love the door color!! :)

Margie said...

The door really makes everything pop - the trim, the bricks and the main color. Love, love this.

Bry Anderson said...

You no longer have facebook and no blog updates since June. How am i supposed to know you are still alive?!

Micah said...

@Bry...maybe look on the side or refresh??? There ARE more postings:) Miss seeing you on FB!