Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Double Digits

We officially have a 10 year old in our house! Anson had a great birthday Friday, celebrated with friends from school. Rather than go the traditional evening party route, I invited the kids to ride the bus home and then get picked up by parents at 6-still gave us a nice family evening but Anson got his "friends" party.

The first few friends coming up the drive.

And here come the "big" group. Apparently the bus driver told them no more riding as a group, I have to pick them up from now on. They may have been just a LITTLE too excited the whole ride home. :)

Anson wanted a NHL WILD themed party. So I did the team colors and concession style food.

Nachos, Pizza, Hot dogs, Gatorade. Oh, and some fruit cut up, I don't think that got touched.

I THINK we had 14 there..I'm still not totally sure. 2 of the kids are backup daycare kids I have right now, the rest are classmates or siblings of classmates, or cousins kids..etc.

 I can't get this picture to rotate, and my battery died right after this so I didn't even get a picture of him blowing out his candles. It was a super fun birthday though and we are so proud of the choices Anson's making in life and our prayer is that he continues to grow in the love of the Lord and desire to serve Him above all else.

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