Thursday, November 14, 2013


God has a funny way of teaching me lessons through my kids. Imagine that, huh?

We are in the swing of hockey, and teams have been split up. Anson was happy to have the same teammates he's had for the last 5 years. Then we got the news tonight that teams were being re-split and re-shuffled. Details aren't necessary for this post, I'm only writing this so I have it to look back on. Obviously Anson was crushed. I used the ride home to talk to him about how this was a chance to be even more of a leader, to have a good attitude and show others that it's okay. I talked to him about how it comes down to the fact that he's playing a sport he loves and he needs to enjoy it for that. I was feeling pretty good about my 15 minute pep talk. Then we got home.

Jerem and him went up to his room and talked for 30 minutes in hushed voices. Jerem told him how this was the Lords plan, how He has a reason for allowing Anson to be on a different team. That maybe that reason was so Anson could tell someone about Jesus that he's never had a chance to be around. Then they prayed. Anson didn't pray that he'd be on a team with certain kids..he prayed that he would be content with the decision that was made. Wow. Really put me to shame. I realized my bad attitude wasn't about him being with different teammates..but ME being with different moms. After 6 seasons with the same parents you get used to your cheering section. But maybe..just maybe...I'm supposed to reach out of MY comfort zone this year. That it will be okay if I'm not with my group of moms I've been with every year.

I know, this post probably seems overly dramatic...but I wanted to write it down to look back on someday. In life there are big plans, and little plans, hockey is no doubt a little plan. But even that, it is a plan that is beyond our control. I'm so thankful I serve a Saviour who controls EVERYTHING. And so proud of my son for recognizing that.

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~ Tandis ~ said...

I can understand each of your disappointment but will cheer you both on as you glorify the Lord in your new spots. :)

Jodi Ferrier said...

Thanks Micah, I needed that! :)