Friday, August 27, 2010

Paige’s Perspective (vaca part 3)

Mom took a little break from writing. She had to take Anson to Bemidji to get his cast off!! He was so excited. But, this about me, not Anson. I had soooo much fun on our trip. I would have to say that I wasn’t a huge fan of the wildlife park which my mom found surprising since I seem to like animals so much. Maybe everything was just a little overwhelming for me. I like everything that was behind bars!

wisconson trip 103 wisconson trip 112

wisconson trip 015

wisconson trip 119

wisconson trip 135

Anson and I spent hours on this tube! Mom and dad are amazed we didn’t end up with another broken arm or something.

wisconson trip 002 wisconson trip 019

Anita is a friend that lives with my Grandpa and Grandma. She was always playing games with us and reading to us. My mom and dad said she must have lots of patience because we bugged her a lot. We got to see Auntie Sena too. We had so much fun playing games  and going swimming with her. She brought me a little blender so I had lots of fun making all kinds of smoothies. The lake was magic, I could make any kind of fruit smoothie, coffee, milkshake…all from the same water!

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~ Tandis ~ said...

Dear Paige,
That's ok if you were a little nervous around the wild animals. They can be dangerous and rushing to them could have been bad. Walking carefully is just fine. :) I am glad you had such a wonderful week in Wisconsin! ~Tandis