Friday, August 27, 2010

Ava’s Turn (vaca part 4)

I’m pretty sure I got spoiled the most on vacation. Paige and I share something special with the cabin in Wisconsin. Thats where we both took off walking! I wasn’t hardly walking when we got there, but boy was I cruising by the time we left.

wisconson trip 090

I ate

wisconson trip 088 

and drank

 wisconson trip 091

and ate some more.

wisconson trip 006  wisconson trip 008 wisconson trip 040 All I have to say about the animal park is the goats were a little obnoxious. I really liked the birds and bunnies though.

wisconson trip 034 wisconson trip 114 

wisconson trip 013 wisconson trip 014

I always wore this purse around my neck. Everyone thought it was so cute and funny.

wisconson trip 054 wisconson trip 055

And I LOVED the water! I would have been in all day if mom would have let me. The last picture was our last night there right before bed. Mom thought the water was a little cold, but I loved it when she dunked her legs and made me go under the water up to my neck.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Dear Ava,
That is a special memory you have of walking at the same place as your big sister. What fun for your hard working Dad to see your progress in a week. Most of the time Dads miss out on that while working.
I laughed at those cute pictures of you eating corn on the cob! Go at it!
~Tandis :)

Jill said...

Love the last pic of you and her together!