Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Apple a Day…

Well this week has been a little crazy at our house. Once school starts next week I will be babysitting a little boy 4 days a week. His mom went back to work this week, so I started a week early. Did I mention he has 2 older brothers? So this is what our place has looked like this week. Collin the oldest just turned 7, Anson WILL be 7 in November. Josh will be 5 in December, Paige TURNED 5 in July. Kodiak was 1 in July, Ava WILL be 1 in 2 weeks. So yeah…I basically have 3 sets of twins. I’ve actually only had them 3 days this week,   8-5. And its gone great! Anson announced the first day that it was SOOO much cooler than sisters and then looked quite baffled when Collin informed him he wished he HAD a sister. We’ve done A LOT of playing outside this week and spending time at the park up the street. The kids have been very mindful too of our rules which is great. Today I woke up to rain. yay. Can you hear my enthusiasm? So this is what we did with some of our time this morning.

apple cards 001

Paint the palm red and have them “stamp” the card

apple cards 002

Dip the pointer finger in green for the leaves and add brown crayon for the stem.

apple cards 003   I had the kids sign their names on the back first under “made for you by:” It was definitely a hit, and really quite easy!

In the meantime we had a couple babies swapping nuckers, and causing mayhem. They need to work on their friendship. :)


~ Tandis ~ said...

I'm glad the week went so smoothly for you :)

Jill said...

love these- wanna come to my school and teach art?! Saw your nice beach photo shoot pics on katie's facebook- turned out so nice!