Monday, September 20, 2010


Here’s your chance to win one of my first bibs! Woohoo, right? I know, as a mom life doesn’t get much more exciting than this.

So, here’s what you have to do. Leave a comment telling something funny your child has said or done. Jerem will be the impartial, (for real-this isn’t rigged) judge of the best story.

In honor of upcoming deer season I thought these two would be appropriate for my first give-aways. I have about 30 others in various stages that are a little more “traditional” in decorations. But I am kinda diggin’ these two. So I might have to do more like it.

bib 001

Girl bib. I zoomed in on the deer in the pic below. It is light pink.

bib 003 bib 006

Boy bib. When you leave your comment specify which gender you would like in case you win. This isn’t just for parents people…they make great gifts and I’m sure you’ve been around kids’ enough to think up a funny story!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Cute bibs!!!

STORY: this morning we were learning about "deciduous trees" and so we took a hike in my Grandpa's woods to see all the different trees. I was trying to give Mia a hint to say the word deciduous by saying... "Deeee..." and she yells out like she's just won the lottery, "DISCIPLE!"
:) I guess I'm happy that words used in the Bible popped into her head faster than school work words. :)

Jill O. said...

The bibs look cute!!! Don't give away too many hunting ones though, I just started working on a bright orange onesie with a dear on it. The two would match nicely.

kara said...

I also love the bibs!

I have so many stories of my boys but thought I'd keep it 'clean' and tell a potty training one! Here goes; I was training my little boy and to encourage him to go, I'd tell him to try and make it yellow (it was his favorite color at the time). We were in our local grocery store (you know everyone) and my parents were with us and Riley (in training) need to go potty....he went...came running out of the bathroom and yelled,"Papa Ole, I did it, I made it yellow!" EVERYONE in the store heard(I swear), he got lots of claps and laughter! One of my proudest moments as a mother! :)

jess said...

Boy Bib Please!

Austin, who is 6, was invited to his first Bison game with our neighbors last week.

Nearing halftime, my neighbor says, "All right boys, in a little bit, we'll go get some junk food ok?"

Austin looked up at him perplexed, and asked in a worried voice, " You mean, we're going to eat garbage?"

I guess I need to intoroduce our kids to some new lingo, not to mention - "junk food."

Hannah said...

Jacob and I were sitting in the living room reading (it's a rare occasion when the girls are awake) while the girls were playing. Abigail(2) was playing with one of those ABC/123 talking learning toys and as it was going through the alphabet "A is for apple", "B is for balloon" etc...she got to "I is for ice cream". There was a slight pause and then she came running around the couch to me hollering "I want ice cream Mommy!"

***I would recommend a learning toy that doesn't encourage the idea of ice cream, since it could be slightly distracting, from the learning aspect, to a child who likes ice cream! :) It was totally hilarious though!

Hannah said...

Those are awesome bibs, Micah! I really do need to learn to sew so I can try my hand at being might have come in handy with my sudden impulse to make pants for Abigail's doll! :)

steve said...

Jan said...

we went to church one sunday morning and one of our boys(won't say which one) about 4yrs old at the time had had an accident and wet the bed the night before. My husband called him a little"piss puppy" that morning just kidding him. When we got to church there was a visiting preacher. The preacher bent down and shook the hand of our little guy and said "what's your name sonny?" "Piss puppy" he said. Steve and I about died on the spot!

priscajoy said...

When we were living in Albuquerque we had walk in closets, and one day Dan heard a muffled sound of Isaac yelling. Hadassah was walking by so he asked her what was the matter with him. "I locked him in the closet" she replied matter of factly. "It sounds like he doesn't like it very much." Daniel said. "Yeah, I turned the light off, and he doesn't like being in the dark, but I told him that he needs to learn to be thankful for the darkness before he can come out."

Boy bib please!

Stephanie said...

I vote for Jan's! That's hilarious, I can't stop laughing. But I will tell a story about Dan and Priscil's kids. A while ago, the Triestman's were at our house along with Eric's parents. Eric's parents were trying to convince Bobby to come home with them and he was adamant that he was going to stay with his Mom and Dad, then Eric's mom said " if you come home with us, we will give you ice cream!" Bobby immediately ran and got his shoes on and was ready to walk out the door, then as we were laughing we mentioned that it wasn't actually real and he said in his most indignant voice "you were PRETENDING????". Hilarious. Baby boy please.. and don't start any rumors! It's for Rocky! :)