Thursday, November 17, 2011

After a 3 year break we were once again able to get away for our anniversary. A big thanks to everyone for helping with the kids to make this possible. I don't know what it is about 3 kids that makes it so much harder to leave, but we have found it is hard!
The Inn at Maple Crossing was recommended to me by my friend Kara and after looking at pictures I knew it would be the perfect place. I didn't want the typical hotel with the distractions of TV, I wanted US time! The owners bought this place about 20 years ago shortly before it was scheduled to be used in a practice burn for the local FD. They renovated it, keeping the historic aspect of the hotel it once was. In the 16 years they've been opened the prices haven't changed.

This was our room. That little door to the left goes out to a private balcony (we were on the 3rd floor). The first night we were there was clear with a full moon so I wrapped up in a blanket (jerems tough) and we sat out there and enjoyed the lake and each other's company.

This was a typical bed and breakfast place, with breakfast served promptly at 9. Coffee was ready at 7:30 and Jerem was by the pot waiting! :) The first morning we had baked grapefruit which we loved and a Italian cheese/egg casserole, bran muffin, and bacon. The second morning was a baked apple, stuffed waffle, and ham.

I mentioned no T.V. right? :) We spent quite a bit of time in here playing cribbage. Jerem won all but once, and the only reason I won that time was he forgot which way his pins were going and started going the other way 3/4's the way through. I didn't want to embarrass him so I didn't point it out.

This is us up on our balcony. The other picture my smile looked terribly fake, so I opted for one where I wasn't smiling, but I WAS enjoying myself.

We enjoyed a lot of good conversation, the type that rarely happens when you're in the midst of parenting and life. We also started reading through a book I had gotten called Growing a Spiritually Strong Family. We both highly recommend this to anyone looking for some good tips on parenting and marriage. We found we are definitely on the right track with most of it but there were some good points of things we haven't considered or have been convicted to do. The entire weekend was wonderful and refreshing, just what we needed!
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~ Tandis ~ said...

Lovely. I am so happy for you both. What a refreshing looking time. :)

Anonymous said...

For our 5th anniversary, the kids got chicken pox. For our 10th anniversary the kids all got a rash. At our 25th anniversary we were determined to get away for a week, foiled again. We've learned to just keep trying, and keep making time for each other, even if it is only one meal, one night, one trip to the grocery store alone...

Jill O. said...

I was so happy when you told me you would be getting away just the two of you. I take for granted having our parents around to babysit a lot. I am glad you had such a good, relaxing time!

Sheila King said...

That place is adorable! So glad it all worked out and you had such a great memorable time :)