Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who’s Counting?

9 years. 468 weeks. 3276 days. Three thousand, two hundred, seventy-six days of what? Why, of getting to know my husband better of course! That’s right, today is our 9 year anniversary. I know for all you that have been married FOREVER, 9 years is nothing, just a drop in the bucket. But, like every anniversary no matter how many years it’s just as worth celebrating.

You know how people say, “I’m more in love today than the day we married”? So true! I think in a slightly different way obviously. On your wedding day you can’t imagine loving your spouse any more, then as those days go by the love develops into something much deeper than you could ever anticipate.

When I look at Jerem now it kind of blows my mind to see the man he’s become.I mean, when we were dating I thought he couldn’t get any better, boy was I wrong. He has applied himself to his schooling for the last 8 years in the midst of pregnancies, babies, and raising a family. He has become the spiritual leader I always desired to find in a husband. He always was one I feel but as our family grows so does his desire to lead and teach according to the Lord’s will. I could go on and on, but I realize these things that are special to me might get boring for you to read.

I remember being challenged as a girl of about 12 to start praying for my husband. I took it to heart and prayed every day. I remember praying that if he didn’t know the Lord as his Savior that he would see his need and get saved. I remember praying for his safety. You know what still amazes me to this day? Jerem moved up here when I would have been 12. He came kicking and screaming and wasn’t happy about it, but he came. That move I believe changed his life forever. The path he was on in Rochester was going from bad to worse, one of his buddy’s ended up in jail after he moved. He had some very concerned and loving relatives up here that saw the need and opened their homes. Something for which I (and him) will be forever grateful. I have no doubt that my prayers as a 12 year old girl opened doors that made the move happen, and consequently his salvation and then coming to camp to counsel. (Which of course is where we met.)

I have so many little stories from when we met that reinforced the Lord’s working and leading in our relationship before it was even a relationship, but this is getting long and I’m sure you’re all wondering if I’m ever going to shut up. So I’ll save those stories for next year.

I love you Jerem, so thankful for the last 3276 days with you and I looks forward to tens of thousands more.

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~ Tandis ~ said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Second, NINE YEARS?!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa! Time is flying!

I am so thankful for God's working in both of your lives to bring you to Him first and then to each other. Together your faith will grow in Him and your lives will reflect that love.

:) Tell Jerem I say, "congratulations" to him as well. I am so thankful my girlfriend found such a wonderful man to share her life with. (Yes, I still remember the beginning of it all at SBL...... WINK!)

Hannah said...

Congratulation, you guys! I remember going to your wedding nine years fast time flies! Oh, and I love hearing stories about how people are brought together; it's amazing how the Lord works in each life to make such a special and unique story for each couple!

Jill said...

Was gonna text you but I'll comment on here instead. Happy Anniversary! I remember your wedding very well too... was a fun road trip with some other's and a beautiful fall wedding! I remember you running in the rain and dark in your dress afterwards.. we were looking for something that was lost. ?

So glad you shared this story of the Lord's lovingkindness and mercy to Jerem...I too was encouraged about that time to pray for my future spouse. I even wrote him, who ever he would be, a letter, I gave to him when we were married. :)
I've been reading in the Psalms and convicted that I need to 'proclaim, declare' the wonderful works of our LORD more with my mouth. This is a perfect story of just that!

Amazing that He would chose marriage and us as wives to picture the bride of Christ! May we continue to live holy lives, watching and ready for His return!
Love ya, hope you get a great night out together!

amalison said...

Micah, that is so cool, to read how the Lord has blessed your marriage with Jerem. I remember how happy I was when you two got together. I was really touched by the fact that you prayed for your "possible future husband" when only 12 years old. I did the same when I was about 16 which is right about the time that Cory got saved. Isn't that cool?