Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anson's Room Update

Last year one of the first projects in our new house was Anson's room. Well, this year mom wanted to finish it a little more since I hadn't gotten around to doing any of her suggestions. :) She added a sky/sunrise to the border.

My dad and I made these awesome shelves out of birch branches and scrap wood.

Mom's pride and joy. This is what she's REALLY wanted to do since we moved in. So she did. I love my birch trees. I think I may have driven her (and my dad) slightly crazy by making them go back IN the woods to cut one even though we have tons surrounding the house. I just didn't want one of my trees gone, I might notice. :)

A rack from one of Jerem's "smaller" bucks makes a perfect curtain tieback.

I'm pretty sure his room is any boy's dream. That is if it's a boy that can't wait to hunt and loves being outside. Great job mom...THANKS!!!

A side note, I'm even more excited about this than the room. My parents brought up a piano with them!!!! SO EXCITED! I've wanted one for years but never had the space in the trailer to consider it. I'm so thankful for parents that have a desire to pass on special things like a love for music.
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Anonymous said...

The room is wonderful! I always wanted a tree in the corner of one of my rooms, too. I had friends who had one in the dining room and put birds nests in it. Love all the unique touches, you did a great job.

~ Tandis ~ said...

The perfect bedroom for your new home and for a little boy who loves the outdoors!!!