Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Fun


A little update on the December happenings in the Haack house. We’re in full swing of hockey with Anson. 5 games down. 4 wins, 1 loss. He’s having so much on Mites Gold this year and loves the challenge of it all.

(Anson in white helmet, #17)


Here are few pictures from the Bemidji Jamboree last Saturday. They played half ice which was a little weird since the kids are pretty big, but it worked out.


At one point the other team skated out to join them and we realized both teams had the exact same colored jerseys. Talk about confusing! They did a quick switch up and had them play another team that was at the other end of the ice. Anson said it wouldn’t have been a problem, the other team was wearing blue and yellow socks. I have a hard time believing him.

Coach Dallas giving them last minute instructions.


Moving on to the Chapel Christmas program Sunday night.

I caught these cuties peeking over the pews at me.


I got such a kick out of Chloe and Paige (a horse and rat) up there with all the big guys. They sure were cute!

I missed out on a picture of Anson because when he said his line he wasn’t at a spot I could get a picture. The kids all did great and had their line memorized. Paige was a rat, Anson a wise man. One of them was given the appropriate part for their personality. Any guesses?


Who can resist a pair of sparkly red shoes at Christmas?!