Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where to start? Obviously my blog has been a little ignored lately. I really don't have a good reason, just a lot of little excuses. Like; my camera is out of batteries (I believe they got hijacked for the wii), and who really wants to read a blog with no photos? Or; all we do is get up, go to school, run to hockey or basketball, open skate, or church. You know know...life. Don't you all (as you can see I'm assuming more people than Tandis READ my blog) get tired of hearing about OUR day to day 'stuff'? how about this excuse; how am I supposed to string more than three words together (and it actually make sense) with 5 kids (2 and under) running/rolling/crawling around? There you have it. See? I'm really awesome at coming up with excuses.

Currently all 5 are napping (yes,I do a little happy dance when this happens), my laptop i.e. pinterest/netflix  is out of commission. So I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts that have been running through my head lately. I know how much you are dying to figure out what goes on inside my brain. I'm not just a pretty face people. (After 9 years Jerem is STILL trying to figure it out).

Well, mostly it's mom stuff. Huh, imagine that.

You know, like WHY are the rubber stamps I picked up last night in the SAME spot scattered on the stairs??

I just cleaned out Ava's dresser. Apparently this alerted her to the fact that there were now FOLDED clothes in her drawers. She happily took care of that for me and spread them all over her room. 3 times. In. A. Row.

Then there's the laundry, the cooking, and ironing (yes I actually iron-sounds so old fashioned).

And quite frankly it just all started feeling so mundane. I suppose all moms, especially sahms, have that feeling a time or three.

So here is my thought. In an attempt to see blessings in my "mundane" life, I am going to start blogging once a day about something in that day that caught my attention and made me stop and see the importance in what I do.

I hear two little voices so I better wrap up my ramblings. Since I am blogging this from our ancient desktop I will leave you with a few "old" pictures. (Told you I couldn't post without photos). Anson and Paige just a few short years ago. Life goes by so fast. I hope in this challenge I remind myself of that and also why I do what the Lord has so graciously give me to do.

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christa said...

CUTE pics of Anson and Paige!! Time does go way too fast! I for one am looking forward to your daily blogging! Bring it on. :)

~ Tandis ~ said...

TANDIS here :) SO glad you wrote me a new blog to read. ;) I DO try to read every blog because I love to hear about your life.... mundane or not. Hahaha. I had to laugh at some of it too because I know exactly how it goes when you're a SAHM. AVA! Laundry! Hahaha! But totally frustrating too. You are SO right though, we need to look at every day and consider the blessings of our job. And then that we are doing it to serve the Lord first then our families. It sure helps put my mind in place to remember I serve God and my attitude should reflect that. God is there for us mundane life Moms. :) He cares. We can pray to Him during our daily "stuff". We can also praise Him for all the "firsts" we get to see in our babies because we are HOME with them.
Love you. I think your life is interesting... or as interesting as mine. Hehe.
LOVE the old pictures too.

MommaMindy said...

I also love hearing about your "mundane" life because it isn't mundane to us. It gives us a glimpse into the lives that we are missing out on. I would love to live in the same town and watch you raise your children in the amazing way you do, but since I live on the coast, I'll settle for a blog post.

I always was convinced the Lord used the verbage "keeper at home" because we keep on doing the same thing over and over and over. We wash the same dishes, walls, floors, clothes and faces. We keep on keeping on for His glory and honor!