Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet "My Kids"

Not sure if this whole "blogging every day" thing is going to work. Since I last posted 3 of us came down with the stomach flu, then a new week started and it just seems like the days are flying by. I thought you might all enjoy meeting the kids I have coming here every day. I wanted to wait until I had permission from the parents to do this so it's been a few days in the making.

Meet Levi 16 months
This cutie has been here since last spring and LOVES his cuddle time! He's been gone for the last month on vacation and I've missed him running up and crawling on my lap to snuggle in. He seems to have missed me too which makes me happy! He loves interacting with the other kids and making sure the babies have their toys within reach.

Meet Gage 6 months
He's the first one I've had since the baby baby stage of 2 months. It's been so fun to watch him develop and grow over the last few months. From hearing him giggle to seeing him work so hard to roll over and finally figure it out. He is such an easy baby and so content to just hang out and play while I work around him. You can definatly tell he's the youngest of 4 by his easy going nature.

Meet Kodiak 2 1/2 years
This one here is my boy! He was the one that got the ball rolling with me getting licensed for day care. He's been here for a year and a half now and really knows the routine. Him and Paige are awesome buddies and he is always giving me hugs and telling me "wuv you". He is Gage's older brother and very protective of him and so gentle with him.

Meet Anika. 8 months
Anika is the youngest of my second set of siblings. Talk about one HAPPY BABY!!! She's just figuring out how to scoot around and get to what she wants. Her and her sister have only been here for a month but they are a perfect fit for us and we are so happy to have them.

Meet Ali. 2 3/4 years (and Ava-2 1/2)
Do not mistake Ali's petite size for being shy and unsure. She is IN CHARGE when the kids head downstairs to play. No one seems to mind and are all quite happy to either do what she says..or just ignore her. She is quite the talker and loves following me around asking me what I'm doing and why, and how, and what I'm doing, and why, and..oh wait..did I say that? Yes, like a typical 2 year old most questions get repeated.
Ava does so good with these extra kids here. Her and Ali love playing with their babies and carseats, or dress up. They also like sneaking past me into the girls room and stripping the beds to jump on. Sometimes I just have to let them. :) Sounds like I am needed downstairs. Now you know what keeps me busy every day!

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christa said...

cute kiddos! i would love your job. nice to finally see the faces behind "the kids."