Wednesday, February 1, 2012


" blog post since monday?!?!?!" (to quote my sister-in-law) Okay Kim, dedicating this one to you!

Yesterday I was have a very crabby day. No particular reason, just one of those days where I was not happy. Kim and I stay logged in to chat all day (her from her work computer..shhhhhh) and periodically I'll sit down at the computer and chat throughout the day. Okay, periodically is an understatement. We probably spend WAY too much time talking via chat. I'm pretty sure my brother thinks we do. :) Since I just have this desktop to operate from our chat time HAS diminished. Some. I'm venting to her yesterday about being crabby for no apparent reason, and she determined I needed a little retail therapy. Now, when you've cyber shopped with someone for as long as we have, you have it down! The kids and Jerem WERE in need of a little wardrobe update. So I tackled Paige, she got Anson and away we went. Sending links back and forth until I found what I wanted. Then we had to look for coupon codes, and of course make sure I was getting my 10% cash back from shop at home. I was exhausted by the time I was done. :) Okay, not really. (Just a disclaimer for you day care parents that might be reading this. I WAS watching  your children while this was going on. :) )

Later that afternoon I was commenting on how I had no idea what to blog about for the day because I was having a hard time coming out of my funk and finding something to be happy about.  She jokingly said I should blog about our daily chats. Bingo! We practically single handedly (is that a word?)  planned their entire wedding via chat. WITHOUT Pinterest too! We're always motivating each other to go workout, or finding recipes that will ruin our working out. We've schemed about how to see each other more often, and pulled each other into the trap of online shopping when we shouldn't. :)  She truly is a bright spot in my day. I am so thankful I have another sister that I am so close to. I sure do wish we lived closer, (as in them moving closer THIS way, I love it up here too much to move THAT way). I am glad we have the conveniences of modern technology to bring us together the way that it has. Even if it DOES keep me from getting some work done. :)

I just don't feel right ending this post without talking about another sister. My older sister. We have become so close in the last few years and I am so thankful for that. I have a hard time chatting with her, via computer anyway. Probably because we are so used to hearing each others voices. We tried cutting back on minutes and going to computer contact. That lasted for about a week. She calls at least every other day, sometimes daily. And we talk..well..until my phone dies. The difference viral chatting vs telephone chatting is when I'm on the phone I CAN'T SIT STILL. So I'm constantly moving around and working while we're talking. I like to tease her that she calls at the perfect times, usually just when I'm feeling guilty for not getting some work done.  I can't imagine a week going by without hearing her voice. Sorry Tash, I know I just made you cry. :)

Thank you Lord for a couple of wonderful sisters that brighten up each and every day of mine.

To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or confident - it is to have a soul mate for life.


Kim said...

I am the lucky one, to have another sister that I LOVE so dearly!! Our daily chats started long before I even met you in person and I can imagine not having you and them in my life now. You are a constant inspiration to me, even when I want to hate you for being "perfect"!! I LOVE YOU SISTER!!!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Sorry about your rough day. Those can be frustrating and seem to never end. I am glad that you have a kindred spirit to help you out. :)

mlh said...

Having relationships like this are such grace in our lives. They don't mean you don't care or love the rest of us family and friends. In our finiteness we can't be equally in touch with everyone even if we'd like to! It's always fascinated me that Jesus had a special closeness to John and of the 12 disciples there were the 3. I don't think it means he loves me any less. Jus thinkin'.

p.s.: blogging every day - fun for us, but oooo, my own... My neglect shouldn't make me feel guilty now, should it?
love you, mlh