Friday, February 17, 2012



Fellow hockey mom Kara Stromlund and I decided that we needed something more than our voices at the games. So this week we made 21 shakers out of tin cans with beans, rice, and pasta inside. We're going to let Paige and Sawyer sell them to the other parents at this weekend's jamboree for concession stand money. You'd totally pay a 1.00 for one of these annoying things wouldn't you?

"GOOOOO ANSON!!!" Paige had to demonstrate how to use them.

White hair Grandpa and Grandma are coming to TRF for the jamboree and we are staying at a hotel with a pool and everything so we have some VERY excited kids around here! Anson has been promised $5 for every goal he makes, he's been figuring out the different amounts he could make depending on how many goals he gets all week. I think his hopes are a little high..but we'll see. :) Paige gets to bring Chloe along so she has a friend to hang out with. Look for pictures next week.
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Micah said...

I should say the $5 a goal has been promised by GRANDPA we'd NEVER stoop to bribery to get our children to play their hardest. :)

Jill said...

lol...super cute!! Brings make lots of memories of my good ol' days.

Have a fun weekend! and Goooo Anson!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend of fun!! What a great way to have Paige excited and involved in her brother's hockey. Hopefully he will learn a good cheer for her in return.
I hope the weather is good for travel and you have lots of fun. :)

Jill O. said...

What a great idea!!! It is always so much more fun for everyone, when the parents get into their kid's games. As opposed to some that come and just sit there like a bump on a log!!!

mlh said...

It was a great way to break the bank with two goals and one assist. I think girls should get something, too for sitting in a cold arena eating candy all day?
We LOVED the weekend.