Friday, September 27, 2013

Ava's Turn

Well, we've almost been here (as in this house) for 3 years. About 6 weeks from now will officially be the three year mark. Wow. There's a couple rooms in the house that haven't gotten any attention since we moved in. Ava's room being one of them.

It was easy to just leave it since it was a little girl's room before. Purple carpet, purple walls, green curtain, and besides-Ava just didn't care. Lately though-well, really for like FOREVER- she's been struggling to sleep on her own. She sleeps awesome on our floor, doesn't wake up at all. But put her in her room and its a battle. Like terrified of something-battle. So we haven't pushed it. Hmmm....can anyone say baby of the family?

We decided to let her help redo her room in hopes that it would get her excited about sleeping in there. With a little guidance from me she made most the decisions and helped A TON. I wish I would have gotten pictures of her actually helping.

She LOVES birds. All summer she watches them come to the feeder, grabs the bird book and tried to figure out what kind they are. Her favorite is a "Chickadee-dee-dee". So she was pretty excited when I suggested a bird themed room.

Of course I ASSUMED I had before pictures from her room and didn't take any-yeah....can't find hardly any.
Here's a few though. And a plea from me.
PLEASE don't EVER put up a wallpaper border, for the sanity of the one removing it someday, if nothing else. This was the 3rd room that had it on, not fun.

And here we go.

3 walls are painted "Pink Chill" and the window wall is "Crushed Velvet".
This wall is the most different, some will like it, some won't. I think it needs a few little birds hanging from the branches. The cute robin in the picture below was a birthday gift from Oma and Papa.
Birdcage reading lamp above the bed. The cage was one of those used for weddings, like a card holder I think. I just painted in and ripped the circular piece of metal up top off, and inserted the lamp cord.

Below: I really wish I had a picture of the dresser before. It was a dirty cream with flowers stenciled on. Painted it "Overcast" and sprayed the gold handles white. The gallery wall will be added to over time but for now there's a picture Ava drew, the paint chips framed, a embroidery hoop with fabric in it and the old mirror from the basement bathroom painted blue.

This is one of her favorite spots. We paid $60 the crib when I was pregnant with Anson, and used it for all 3 kids.  It was fun to find another use for it. She had to decorate it with her birthday lights from White hair Grandpa and Grandma.

I remembered halfway through the room project what her name means. Pretty funny how well it fits the theme.

This is one of my favorite things in her room. I thought the verse was so fitting for someone that obviously has some issues with nightmares and being afraid at night. She helped with the bird art on either side, gluing the pieces on.

This is probably the most fun before and after. I was going to paint the fan but didn't really know what to do with it. My SIL Kim suggested doing this and I just love it. And better yet it didn't cost anything, always an added bonus.

There's still a few odds and ends to do, throw pillows for the bed, bed skirt, etc. but for now its done. She has spent the last 2 nights in there and is doing great. She even has a Chickadee-dee-dee nightlight by her bed. I'll just apologize now for the layout of the pictures. I'm back to using blogger to post and don't love the way it prevents me from moving things around.


christa said...

wow - the room looks so great! I love the red wall and all the little details you put into it! hopefully that does the trick of keeping her in her room at night ;)

The Olson's said...

That looks SOOOO awesome Micah! Nice job. Beautiful redo.

Jill O. said...

You did an amazing job!!! I love it!!!!

kingmama3 said...

Love it, good job!