Monday, September 23, 2013

Catch Up

I apologize for the state of my blog lately. Apparently the kids' pictures had taken over the entire page-selfish little buggers! I finally fixed it though and thought I'd throw a few pictures up from our month thus far.

We started out the month with visiting a nearby corn maze on Labor Day. We've heard it was fun, but had never gone ourselves. Kids' had a blast and it was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Before we knew it summer had officially come to an end and the kids were off to school!

This was their "Come on guys, act like you love each other" pose. One perk to not doing daycare this year is, I have the freedom to run the kids up to the Hwy. to meet the bus instead of them getting picked up at our house. WHICH MEANS...they don't get on the bus until 7:45 now, instead of 6:50. SCORE!!!! We're loving having a longer morning together, although I still need to be better about a routine with them before they leave.

After the first 3 days of being in school for the year,  we took them out Friday to head to Rochester, we're awesome parents like that. On our way through the cities we stopped at Jerem's Grandparents for a little visit. Ava and Great Grandma Marge were match-y match-y.

We had a nice visit and am glad we were able to do it, I'm thankful for the special relationship Jerem has with his Grandparents.

Last stop, White Haired Grandma and No Haired Grandpa!! (Yes, that's our kids' for real names for them).
 Jerem's older sister Marsena came over from Chicago for the weekend as well. Her and I had plans to run a 10k (my first!) on Saturday. The kids were going to do the 1 mile fun run as well.  Below is a picture of her pointing out some grey "Aha! I'm not the ONLY one getting older here!"

We woke up to a nice Saturday morning that quickly turned blistering hot. The run itself wasn't very organized (in our greatly experienced opinion). There would be around 200-250 running in the 5k/10k and I think there were about 20 kids there doing the fun run. (Below) Paige and Auntie 'Sena warming up.
I love her smile here! She did her mile in 8:15, so proud of her!

Anson had a strong (too strong) start and after carrying the lead for a while dropped back to 4th. He really turned it on at the end though and beat out his competition who was trying to take over 4th place. I wasn't at the finish line to hear his time but based on the others I heard it was under 7:30 for sure.

 The 10k wound through some of Rochester's biking/walking/running paths and seemed to go on FOREVER!!! My ear buds broke half way through so I missed my upbeat music that usually helps me keep going..and my tracker telling me my pace. The parts of it were run along a river (on one side) road (on the other) and between that and the heat my equilibrium started going wacky and I DID NOT want to be that one person that you see getting carted in by the golf cart EMT's. Embarrassing. So after the 4 mile mark I walk/ran the rest to avoid that outcome. This picture was taken about 2 miles from the finish...the family had driven over to cheer us on then hurried back to the finish area to see us there too.
 This was Marsena's second 10k, she's becoming somewhat of a pro at this running thing. We ran together for the first part then at the end too. Although I gave up about 1/4 mile from the end. I just couldn't. run. any. more. I loped back in...but it wasn't pretty. Oh yeah. and according to her tracker we ran 6.8 miles..not 6.2..we're thinking they didn't have a real official distance measured...among other things.

It was a great weekend though and I'm so glad we did it. Now that I'm caught up on September, maybe I'll be better about keeping up with current events here.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Yay for the first 10k. Some races you win and some races you don't win but learn a lot. Don't give up! You were moving faster and farther than I am these days. SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER ONE! :)

The school pics are cute and I'm so glad they get to get on the bus an hour later. So great!!!

christa said...

sounds like a fun month so far! love the pics :)