Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It’s About Time!!!

Seriously, I had TOTALLY planned on blogging more-the last couple weeks have been a blur though. So, I’m going to do a few quick posts on summer catch up. Starting with, our Missouri trip.

The kids and I were gone for a full 19 days (4 were spent in the car). We had so much fun having a nice relaxed visit. (Well, relaxed in the Kent house may not be the true definition of “relaxed”).

We all got in some good workouts while there, including one of my adorable nephews, Elliott.

missouri trip 042

Paige “flying” through the obstacle course.

missouri trip 057

We took in some tennis matches that Quynn, Clark, and Graham participated in.

missouri trip 361missouri trip 403missouri trip 437

Paige had a super special birthday celebration there too.

Fancy breakfast with Auntie Ellie, a birthday tradition for Paige!

missouri trip 073

More friends over to play and make fruit kabobs.

missouri trip 081

Her first flower delivery from Auntie Tasha and Uncle Matt (and the boys).

missouri trip 088

Painting a mural.

missouri trip 090

One of two (yes two!) birthday cakes. Oma sure knows how to throw a birthday celebration!

missouri trip 186

Princess party dress-up.

missouri trip 194

My dad organized a softball game for one Saturday morning. My sister and boyfriend flew in from Idaho for a few days, and my 2 brothers and their wives came home for the weekend.

Anson felt pretty official in his baseball uniform.

missouri trip 233


missouri trip 238

Getting some help from Uncle Chet, Uncle Jasper looks to be taking notes as well-but he may have been taking fashion notes, not athletic ones.

missouri trip 244

And she’s off!!

missouri trip 254

The gang-minus Jerem and one sister, Avery.

missouri trip 303

The last Saturday we were there, Tasha and I were busy baking pies for a pie contest, so Auntie Ellie kept the kids busy with a lemonade stand.

missouri trip 606missouri trip 607

“Hermann’s Best Cousins’ Lemonade Stand”

missouri trip 608

The stand brought in $57, which was $2 under what Uncle Chet spent on it-maybe more of a fun thing than a lesson in turning a profit.

missouri trip 613

Like I said, Tasha and I were busy baking pies. I got talked into it at the last minute since it WAS a fundraiser. I made a Caramel Apple Pecan and Tasha made a Triple Berry Rhubarb, they were both AWESOME!

missouri trip 615

Definitely making mine again. I ended up taking first which was fun, and doing something together like that (on her birthday too!) made it even more special.

missouri trip 616

I’m thankful for my family in Missouri and the loving home I grew up in. The kids have such a great time going back to visit and its always bittersweet leaving to come back up here, to what is now “home” for us.

A back view of my childhood home from a hole in the fence.

missouri trip 316


~ Tandis ~ said...

What a beautiful blog post of a lovely family. I am so glad it worked for you to spend that long with your family. :)

christa said...

Fun to see all the pics from your trip! Such a fun summer adventure for you and the kids!!