Monday, July 12, 2010

I’ve been waiting…

to write this post for a very long time now. :) After about 2 months I finally can do it. Can you guess what???!!! Hmmm….


No…not pregnant…remember, we established that in the last post.


No…we’re not moving or anything


No exotic vaca


Give up?


Okay…I’ll tell ya!

2 months, countless trips to pick up (where things kept going wrong), and three four wheelers later we now have this in our yard!

play house and random 113


okay,’s missing a post on the porch but that’s easy enough to fix. I mean…it was FREE folks!

play house and random 101

The intention of this picture is to show you the window boxes. I guess the kids are planting green beans in them. We’ll see who wins this one.

play house and random 107

Oh yeah..and a couple branches had to come down.

play house and random 110

Like I said…3 four wheelers.’s not in its final resting spot, but we’ll have to wait for the garden to be done to move it more. And it needs paint. I’m thinking dark brown since it’s log cabin looking, I just need to figure out the trim/window box color. Maybe blue…or green. Anson says he wants to paint a side with yellow and red and Paige can do a side in purple and pink. I said probably not. He said…why, its our house? Valid point, but once again I might win on this one. Oh…and it has a super cute REAL weather vane…forgot to take a pic of it.

Yes…I truly might be more excited about the house than the kids right now. 


Jill said...

I LOVE it!! Wow, I'm so jealous, that's exactly what I need for my chickens NOT my kids though! Window boxes and a weather vane! Where did you dig that up from?!?

I think I would go the shabby chic route...white and pink flowers, maybe pink impatients, white washed paint, lime greenish trim or even pink, vintage aprons hung as curtains...

What color is your house again? Maybe you could match the paint to that alittle...

Have FUN!

And show us pics!

Oh, and you difently need some hollyhocks on the sides.. ask my mom for some!

Micah said...

okay totally have my mind going a different direction with this and I love it!!! Great ideas! The people with the house at Graceton Beach wanted it hauled away. And yeah...won't be trying to match our house cause hopefully we will be moving eventually ya know! Love the flower ideas too

~ Tandis ~ said...

Mom wins the pain color exterior for sure! :) You don't want an eye-soar out the back door.

VERY COOL! I'd have died for such a thing when I was a kid. :)

christa said...

oh man, you totally had me going on being pregnant. i was like, i can't believe she didn't tell me!!!

dad and i were just down at the beach yesterday and i saw the playhouse there and couldn't believe you still didn't have it! so exciting! can't wait to see pics of the "remodel"!!

kara said...

Thanks for posting a picture of 'my' playhouse....hope your kiddos enjoy it, and know that I would buy it for $200. SOOoooOOoo jealous!

The Roli Poli's said...

This is awesome!!!! Mom converted a chicken coop into a play house for us and we lived in that thing!!! Best child hood memory. Glad your two kids have a play house of their own!

MommaMindy said...

I know it isn't right to covet, but I am a little jealous. :) But, insanely happy for you and your kids. What a gift!!!!! Make sure you post about the colors you are going with, I would love to donate a vintage apron, or doilies, or something...