Monday, July 19, 2010

Super Mom(s)?


What do these to things have that make people stop and say “wow, what an amazing mom?”











Most of you probably know the story by now…but I have to record it on here for the future. While visiting my dear friend Tandis (I am resigned to the fact that we will only be cyber friends) in Virginia MN on Tuesday, we had a bit of an adventure. We decided to meet at the park rather than camp since I was bringing my 3 and Jr High camp was in full swing. (Her hubby was counseling). We got to visiting…then Anson needed to go to the bathroom. Got back from the bathroom and her Molly had to go. So at this point we had about 30 minutes of catching up on camp stuff. As she was walking back from her girls going potty Anson fell off something on the playground and immediately started screaming. A dad that was there got to him before me and just kept saying over and over “He broke it, his arm. Its broken. He broke his arm.” Tandis came running over and what did she have in her hand? A Pringles can. Her nursing skills kicked in and she used the can as a brace and Ava’s blanket as a makeshift sling. (That didn’t really work cause I didn’t fold it right). I suggested sticking him in Ava’s stroller and she agreed it would be the best way to get him to the car. I’ve always wondered if I would know when/if a child of mine broke a bone. I knew. He arm looked so…well…odd. Definitely NOT right. Since we were just a block from the hospital I suggested not moving him from stroller to vehicle to ER and just walking there. So here we go…2 moms…5 kids (6 counting the one in her tummy). At this point Ava was getting a little crabby due to it being well past nap time. Paige, Mia and Molly were doing so great holding hands and following instructions. We got in the ER and the waiting began. Rewind…a few things I remember Anson saying between sobs right after it happened. “Mom, this is my first broken arm. It feels like every bone in my body is broke. Am I going to die? Will I still be able to play hockey? JUST CALL 911!!” Once his arm was stabilized on the chip can and he was laying in the stroller he calmed down a lot and drifted in and out. It was about 3 when we got to the ER. It took awhile…of course. They finally had him x-rayed and discovered both bones above the wrist were broken. One completely through, the other almost all the way and bent back. ER Dr sent us to the Orthopedic Dr. Meantime…Ava had fallen asleep in my arms, Tandis was keeping the girls busy. She said nurses kept telling her throughout the day how “amazing and smart” I was. To be so calm…to have him in the stroller…to use the Pringles can. Yeah…last one totally her…but I got the credit :) Bone doc said he’d set it and we’d have to watch it via x-rays to make sure it was healing and won’t need surgery. He had to go into the OR and be put under to have it set. That was the hardest part for me, but I never did get emotional or worked up. Is something wrong with me? I hope not. I just chalk it up to being a generally calm person. :) Rewind…some of MY thoughts throughout the day. BEFORE the accident “man..this sure is a convenient place for a park…right across from the hospital. Oh…this will make for a good blog posting. Why didn’t I bring my camera today?” Like I said…is something wrong with me? 6 hrs later (after getting to the ER) we were ready to go. During this time Tandis had taken ALL FOUR girls back to camp, fed them supper, kept them entertained, and nursed a horrid headache. Roxanne insisted on driving me home weather it be that night or in the morning. I decided that night would be best cause Anson would still be out of it enough to travel good. I was so thankful for her MAKING me let her drive us home. We had a great visit, missed all the deer and arrived home at 1:00 am or so.

We are headed to Bemidji tomorrow for a hard cast. So far he’s just had a splint on until the swelling went down. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long rest of summer for him but so far it doesn’t seem to have slowed him down at all.


The Roli Poli's said...

Wow you guys are super moms!!!! I got a headache just reading this ;) Thank God for good friends even if they are cyber friends!

Brent and Lisa said...

Oh my gosh Micah! I can't believe that! Poor Anson... a broken anything isn't fun! Glad it doesn't seem to slow him down.

Jill said...

I agree..super moms! And I don't think I'll ever forget to use a pringles can for a splint! That was fast thinkin!

Tell Anson we hope he's feeling better soon!!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Great post but bummer Anson had to go through all that for you to write it! What a day. WHAT A DAY! It's still so weird in my mind. I have pictures that I need to post about the day and a very fuzzy one of Anson moving into the ER from the triage room. I'll have to get you copies of a few so you can use them in your memory book.

(Would you put me on your email list so I know right away when you post an article? I somehow missed this one until today)

MommaMindy said...

What a sad, amazing, wonderful, horrible story. I am glad you were so calm, it helps you make better decisions as a Mom when a crisis happens. Please let Anson know we are praying for his healing!